Main Blog theme update

It’s been a while since I last updated my wordpress theme for the main blog. While creating this new blog I noticed that WordPress provided a bunch of new themes, and I think many of them look great. I want my main site to give a quick overview for all the topics, it was really … Continue reading Main Blog theme update


Three Headed Ocelot Logo

Hi guys, a good friend of mine started to live stream on He usually plays with a bunch of friends and they play games like Civilization VI, Don't starve, etc. You can find them here: He asked me to design a logo for the channel and so this is what i came up with. My drawing … Continue reading Three Headed Ocelot Logo

UPDATE 17. April 2016 – Bounty Road Hello and welcome to another little update. BOUNTY ROAD The most important thing about this update is most likely that we settled on a title. This may change, but probably won't. Bounty Road. What is Bounty Road? You take on the role of an infamous bounty hunter. An anonymous source offered a hefty amount … Continue reading UPDATE 17. April 2016 – Bounty Road